Souya and Rei’s interactions end rather abruptly, leaving Rei in a state as if a typhoon passed through him. But he is pulled back to the real world as Nikaidou elegantly beats his first opponent with a new method just after he gets discharged from the hospital. Meanwhile, the Kawamotos present a revolutionary way of boiling eggs in the most funny and blown-up way possible.


The Chairman gives Rei a call to know what’s up- and Rei lets him know that Souya is with him. Initially met by surprise from the Chairman’s side, the conversation segues into the topic of Souya’s deafness- that it is transient and Souya has (predictably) learned to cope with it fairly quickly. The Chairman sets up a parallel between the perception of others and the actual situation for Souya by bringing up that Q&A session and the wine spilling- that while others think that Souya is a savant, Souya is actually trying his best to interact with others without his hearing. The conversation ends with the Chairman making a light joke on Rei being a good caretaker and then he compliments Rei on being on the same wavelength as Souya in the match, thus making the match entertaining.

I expected more character interactions between Rei and Souya in this episode, but it would be pretty hard to do if one of them can’t hear the other. The phone call scene was handled pretty well and gave more insight into the dichotomy of perceptive and the actual situation with Souya with brevity.


With that phone conversation, the curtain covering Souya’s character is drawn aside a bit. Speaking of curtains, Rei describes the next day being unnaturally bright and blue- as if, the typhoon never happened. It is pretty poetic how this compares to the presence of Souya- he left with the typhoon and, just like it, he left with no trace of him. But Souya didn’t just run away, he paid for Rei for their stay inn the inn.


The next day, the viewer sees Rei in a trance- he reveals that he cannot get the sound of shogi pieces during Souya’s match out of his head. And he reiterates this same statement as his blank eyes stares at the photocopies he made of Souya’s old game records.


A change of perspective- and the Kawamoto sisters are back with a guide to boiling eggs the ‘right way’. They reveal that they made this guide with meticulously planned experiments, and the diagrammatic representation made me crack up. This is the type of comedy skit that I feel the show is justified for being indulgent about. This sweet short scene ends with the girls enjoying their culinary success and talking about Rei missing out.

Back to Rei’s dazed world. Shimada catches Rei and immediately diagnoses him with the Souya-effect: Rei really had fun and can’t wait to play another match against Souya. Rei also learns that Nikaidou is out of hospital and he is currently playing a ranked match.


Shimada sets up a prelude that Nikaidou has already missed two ranked matches during his stay in the hospital- so things aren’t looking up for him. So Shimada reckons that Nikaidou is probably depressed now and asks Rei to go visit him to give him some support.


After a brief worrywart thought train from Rei, he soon gets up to visit the match room and see Nikaidou have a reactionary expression on his face. And with that bait, the show switches expectations and it’s revealed that Nikaidou has actually won the match with a new strategy. As expected, color scheme turn water-colory and outlines soften as Nikaidou excitedly talks about his winning turns- I missed these scenes for a while. Rei realizes that Nikaidou never goes down mentally and that he always has things to look forward to- with that, Nikaidou’s iron mental fortress is showcased once more. It’s also nice Rei laughing- it’s a rare thing.