This week had two wonderfully done flashback episodes from my watch list of anime: Gintama and ACCA. While Gintama showed off its editing and directing in narrative this week, ACCA played with interesting color tones, gave a well knit backstory to Nino and just sank last last week’s tease about Jean in the sea. Gabriel Dropout reduced bullying on Satania this week and Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid introduced a new busty dragon who loves bread. Konosuba featured Darkness getting hurt and Aqua’s cult with her crazy followers instead of the promised hot springs episode: nice one, Konosuba.

Gintama (Episode 8)

Screenshot (1368).png

What happens in this episode: It is flashback time and we get introduced to the waifu of the week: Kouka. Umibouzu takes us into his past when he met a lonely girl and at the same time, the anime also shows parts of the conversation between him and Sakamoto’s partner. Also, Umibouzu makes a lot of ‘chinpo’ jokes and I’m not going to lie, they are pretty funny.

My thoughts: I am impressed by the style of narrative this episode had during the flashback- the editing between two different threads of dialogue from the past and the relative future was done quite well both in editing and sound mixing. I never noticed this in any past Gintama flash back, so this just increased my praise for this already awesome anime. I am not loving the overly dramatic Kamui in the end, but then again the anime makes this episode hooks that aren’t really necessary.

Little Witch Academia (Episode 8)

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What happens in this episode: Sucy makes herself the guniea pig for one of her potions which essentially renders her into deep sleep. Lotte tries out a spell on Akko and this takes her inside Sucy’s mind. Apparently, everyone’s mind is a whole new world and Sucy is no exception. Join Akko as she tries to find the original Sucy as she meets Sucy’s different personality traits expressed as people (who all pretty much look like Sucy) with Demon Sucy and Angel Sucy (Ah! So many mentions of Sucy in the Sucynopsis).

My thoughts: This episode was fun and more fast and wacky in pacing than usual. It is interesting that the anime decided to explore this silent and mysterious character by literally putting Akko and the audience inside her mind; although I cannot say that its execution was solid but the fact that Sucy saw Akko as a precious friend was well established. There was also some animation exhibition near the end of the episode. I am glad that there wasn’t any Diana-glorifying moments this episode. Still though, this episode felt more like a filler more than anything- but hey, a filler episode in a slice-of-life isn’t a filler episode at all.

Gabriel Dropout (Episode 8)

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What happens in this episode: Raphiel is having undergarment problems in her chest area and what better day to have physical fitness tests? As usual, Satania wants to be the best at everything and she does in all the tests except the thousand meter run where Raphiel wins by getting off the hooks. Gabriel joins the taste-testing club, I mean the cooking club. Satania gets back to her shenanigans during an interview exam.

My thoughts: This episode was the usual. The punchline of the jokes are getting less strong, though. And that’s to be expected given that the primary setting rarely changes. But the show did try to add diversity to the gags by bringing back the class prez and I appreciate that.

ACCA: 13- Territory Inspection Department (Episode 8)

Screenshot (1400).png

What happens in this episode: This is the flashback episode that goes through Nino’s past- how he came to Badon with his father and how he befriended Jean. It also provides an extension of the revelation from last episode: The idea of Jean inheriting the throne is now buried because his mother was removed from the Dowa family registry.

My thoughts: I loved the color schemes during the flashback- they were very pastel and harsh at the same time and it was just interesting to look at. Nino is quite a character; even after this episode-long flashback, I still can’t understand what’s going on in his head. Sure, he is a selfish guy who just wanted to be with his father, but I don’t understand his motivations behind interacting with Jean and whether he intends to exact revenge on someone. Also, Abend looks a lot like Grossular for some reason. That insert song montage was pretty chilled and creepy at the same time (Nino, I am pretty sure that big camera isn’t allowed in the library). Seriously though, a really well written episode and it has hyped me up for the climax.

Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid (Episode 8)

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What happens in this episode: Well, Kobayashi and Tooru have their first fight and the side characters comment that this shows that the two have grown quite close. Their first fight is a cooking competition for Kanna’s lunchbox for her field trip. The second half introduces the busty Elma, who joins Kobayashi’s work place- and this instigates jealousy from Tooru and this leads to Kobayashi assuring her that they are exclusive by petting her on the head. Meanwhile, Shouta is getting molested by Quetzalcoatl and slowly getting desensitized to big boobs.

My thoughts: This anime continues to be the heartfelt iyashikei it is with sprinkles of shota fan service here and there. Even though I didn’t like this episode as much as last week, I am still not tired of the adorable moments between Kobayashi and Tooru. Elma is an okay late addition to the cast and I have nothing more to say about her. I want to watch Kanna’s field trip, though.

Konosuba S2 (Episode 8)

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What happens in this episode: The much-missed wackiness seeps into this episode too and we Darkness get what she wanted (from being towed like a human luggage to receiving a dog bone as refreshment) and boy was her reaction underwhelming. Still, I would share one of them in the featured collage. Apparently, the town where they visit for the hot springs has been blessed by Aqua and the inhabitants are crazy about making the tourists join the Axis cult. The episode leaves the rest of the arc to be told next week.

My thoughts: The jokes in this episode were quite well executed. Either that, or I am having a bias because the setting in the last couple of episodes are quite different and the pacing in the first half of the episode heavily carried the fast paced, wacky momentum (that I love) from the last episode. Anyway, this was another good episode.

That’s all for today. Thank you for reading.