This week has a good batch of episodes so far. Gintama finally remembered that Kagura is part of the main cast in the show; ACCA unraveled a twist (or twists) from its layers of buildup. Akko finally got good at fish reading and Ursula officially became friends with her. Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid sang melodies of human-dragon understanding beneath the waves of the ‘fan service’ episode, Konosuba redeemed some its ridiculousness and it became a one girl show in this week of Gabriel Dropout.

Gintama. (Episode 7)

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What happens in this episode: Gintoki, Takasugi, Sakamoto, Katsura and Shinpachi fend off against the Tendoshou underlings- but three of Gintoki’s comrades paves a way for him and Shinpachi to meet Kagura. With that, the anime shifts perspective to Umibozu. The 1st Division Commander Shirei gets cut in half by Kamui- making Kamui the ‘most powerful’ member of the Harusame fleet. Umibozu and Kamui start exchanging clashes- and Kagura makes an entrance and provokes her brother fight her as well. I am writing this description with low energy so it might seem boring- but it isn’t really, the dialogue was good. The episode ends with Utsuro interrupting the fight by cutting off Umibozu’s robotic arm.

My thoughts: This was a serious episode (well, except the Sakamoto spit-bukkake: that seemed more grotesque than the anime’s scatological humor to me). Like I said, my synopsis this week is weakly  worded, so the high quality of the dialogue hasn’t been communicated. I loved Kagura’s monologue this week, she hasn’t been getting enough screen time in previous weeks. I am looking forward to Kagura’s past and her mom.

Little Witch Academia (Episode 7)

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What happens in this episode: Akko’s bad rep in magic and school continues and Diana predicts her future- Akko will leave Luna Nova. While everybody in the school had one subject where they were good at, Akko didn’t even have that one subject she was good at. In despair, she tries to bribe her fish language teacher with mineral water and through a chain of unfortunate events, Professor Pisces (the fish teacher) escapes through the drain and into a nearby lake. Lotte, Sucy and Akko assemble to chase after her- and in the process they stop poaching of endangered fish and this prevent the expulsion of Akko from Luna Nova.

My thoughts: Out of all the previous episodes- this one is my favorite so far (the first episode comes to a close second). The reason is because the episode didn’t leave me with that mild aftertaste of ‘to be continued’ (that most of the previous episodes had): this episode is written with a more consolidated thematic dedication and cohesion between scenes. Now, without examples- my justification sounds incomplete; So there is this scene at the beginning moments of the episode were Finnelan pushed against Ursula questioning her commitment for Akko’s development. But at the end, it was Ursula who pushed against Finnelan in reply to her- yes, she cared about Akko’s growth as a witch. I also liked how the anime made Diana’s prediction accurate- Akko did leave the school premise to look for Professor Pisces. And Akko found a subject that she is good at. Little things like these make this episode of Little Witch Academia one my favorites this week.

ACCA: 13 Territory Inspection Department (Episode 7)

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What happens in this episode: The episode starts off with a train of thought from Jean which eventually leads to the conclusion that it made no sense to why Jean was needed for an intermediary to the coup since everything hinges on the Dowa family in the first place. There is some time filling Yukinotama fuss; but the anime soon regains its focus on the coup theories. Meanwhile, Schwan questions one of his family members about his aunt who died thirty three years ago. Jean and Nino visit the Yukinotama shop which leads them share a table with the king himself and we see lose Nino’s eyes (no I don’t mean literally, it’s just that Nino suddenly acts somber and spiteful). But the twist comes with the revelation that Jean is part of the royal family and is the immediate heir to the kingdom- and this is dropped by no other than Mauve.

My thoughts: There’s always a lot of things going on in an episode of ACCA, but this episode goes to show how many layers of narrative this anime has built over the weeks and how much it has yet to unravel. I think Nino is really is as shady as he looks. I apologize that I wrote that Schwan is a dumb character- but he is certainly a messed up human being (I mean, the way he threw away his priorities on Lotta at the end). I don’t know, Magi might be my favorite character so far: he has some personality (but Mauve has the best character design from the cast).

Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid (Episode 7)

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What happens in this episode: Kobayashi and the dragons go to the beach- and predictably, the fan service and SoL elements come into play. But after a few minutes, the anime focuses on families and Tooru’s independence in her values on human lives (a thing that has been mentioned by Kobayashi a number of times)- this is the best moments from this episode in my opinion. The second half of the episode features Tooru and co. in the summer Comiket. Kobayashi’s dark wings and green tail make their appearances after a long time (or I might be mistaken).

My thoughts: I liked how the anime openly categorized this episode as a fan service episode in its title, but then it distilled in these intimate and philosophical conversations between Kobayashi and Tooru. The anime is also showing us that Kobayashi thinks about Tooru and more and more each episode- and it is really interesting and cute to watch. I wish Quetzalcoatl had something monologue-y to say (like Tooru and Fafnir) instead of being ‘the one with the huge jugs’- but maybe she is the breathing space the anime wants to fall back on after the Koba-Tooru moments for this episode.

Before I leave this section, I want to share this fine quote from Kobayashi:

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Konosuba S2 (Episode 7)

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What happens in this episode: Kazuma gets a too-sweet-to-taste deal from the reincarnated Vanir and this results in a hilarious first few minutes of the Konosuba comedy that was missing from last episode. Conversation leads to the group deciding to go to the hot springs. Kazuma visits Wiz to find her under a murder spell (or something like that) from Vanir. The group rejoin at the station, they didn’t get their seats so they get on a carriage. Fighting over the seats inside the carriage, Kazuma demonstrates his special ability of being invincible at rock-paper-scissors. Darkness’ hard body (armor) attracts some Running Hawks and push comes to take down and Darkness climaxes.

My thoughts: This episode is the ridiculousness that I wanted in all episodes of this season of Konosuba. I wanted things to happen in the unpredictable ways instead of having a premise that hints at an ending. Basically, what I am saying (writing) that I wanted a two episode arc and I got one. But really, this episode was more fun than the last one.

Gabriel Dropout (Episode 7)

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What happens in this episode: This is an episode about Vignette and Vignette only. She tries to commit evil deeds with help from the coffee shop owner to help raise her stipend from Hell (but that all goes to hell). The latter half of the episode deals with her having a cold and failing to remember which animal to count while falling asleep.

My thoughts: Vigne is my second favorite character from this series and this was a well made episode dedicated to her. I loved the ‘A Kuma’ joke made by Raphiel (yeah, even she can be funny, sometimes). Satania had the least screen time this episode- I missed her hilarious comedy routines. No offense Vigne, you are the most well written character in the cast so far, but you can’t be as funny as Satania. Nevertheless, it was a lovely episode featuring a lovely girl.

That’s all for today. Hopefully, I will be posting another Anilog entry on Sunday. Thanks for reading.