Well, Anilog has reached double-digits and I am quite happy with my consistency in posting this past month. This is the first post from the 6th week of Winter 2017. The anime ‘talked about’ in this post are: Gintama, Little Witch Academia, Gabriel Dropout, ACCA, Konosuba, Akiba’s Trip and Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid.

Gintama. (Episode 5) Nobunobu and Sakamoto debate over leader idealogies during their fight against Zaku. Man with 3 eyes vs. Gintoki starts

Screenshot (1195).png

What happens in this episode: Zaku takes over the Sakamoto’s ship and crew- turning them into salivating zombies- and this prompts Sakamoto to make a Resident Evil reference. Meanwhile, Nobunobu wonders whether Sakamoto is a wise leader or a foolish one- and Sakamoto retorts that either way, a leader has to witness the future of his ship or country. Nobunobu also has a character moment in this episode, too. The last minutes of the episode focuses more on comedy and recollections of Gintoki’s past encounter with Bato. And the Bato-ru begins! (haha).

My thoughts: I am really enjoying the different stances the characters have on leader ideologies. These episodes are not as action-heavy as I thought they would be- but they do have a well-written script. The comedy routine near the end was hilarious.

Little Witch Academia (Episode 5) Dragons steal the Sorcerer’s Stone and Akko and her crew chase after them.

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What happens in this episode: The episode starts off with Amanda and Akko debating on who is the biggest dunce in Luna Nova. Then, dragons appear out of seemingly nowhere and snatch the sorcerer’s stone from the tower; and this renders the school deprived of magic and the students are appointed to do household chores that are usually done by magic.But Akko, being… Akko, chase after the dragons with her crew and they find themselves in the lair of Fafnir, the dragon.

My thoughts: This anime is just makes 20-odd minutes of fun for me everyday. But so far, I am not seeing any overarching plot to this anime so far. I am yet to be tired of Akko’s stupidly optimistic radiance in each and every episode.

Gabriel Dropout (Episode 5) A new character with boring character design; Fights against Satania and befriends Vigne

Screenshot (1205).png

What happens in this episode: Tapris hails from the heavens to search for her idol and possibly her love interest- Gabriel. to her surprise, the punk she stumbles upon when she visits Gabriel’s school turns out be her ‘Tenshi’- Satania steps in and claims that she turned Gabriel into the potato she is. They spar and Satania emerges victorious. Luckily, Tapris meets the kind Vigne to find out that she is meant to be a devil.

My thoughts: I am not a fan of the new addition- she just seems lazily designed and her script is too by the ‘moe’ book to be memorable. Nevertheless, the comedy isn’t exhausting (yet) and Satania is still the best character of the show.

ACCA: 13 Territory Inspection Department (Episode 5) The narrative seems to be getting denser and denser

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What happens in this episode: Biscuit is still stalking Lotta and Jean visits several places over the span of this episode. Lilium hints that the person observing Jean might be the one who was always watching him. Jean soon confronts Nino and asks him some questions- and they chill. Meanwhile, Eidar from the first episode visits Jean’s office hoping to catch a date with him. Again, Jean goes to Rokkusu District and meets up with Grossular.

My thoughts: A lot of things happened this episode. It seemed like this show just laid layers of narrative and packed it into one episode. Not saying that this episode was too dense for processing- on the flip side- the happenings seemed less shrouded with mystery and I am glad that Jean noticed his ‘stalker’ earlier than I expected. This keeps things interesting. Also, where’s Mauve?

Konosuba S2 (Episode 5) Kazuma and crew fight against Vanir

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What happens in this episode: Aqua’s magic circle has caused mayhem across towns around Keele’s Dungeon and the bossy lady approaches Kazuma and makes him ‘do something about it’. Well, it turns out that the dungeon has been occupied by the Devil King’s Army Commander, Vanir- a masked man whose real body is just the mask. So as his original fragile body disintegrates, that renders him to possess Darkness. Fighting ensues.

My thoughts: This was a decent episode- comedy wise. Still, jokes are glaringly reused in the most undecorated of ways but, at least Megumin got some screen time near the end. I also liked that this arc of ‘Kazuma under suspicion ended’- I am glad this anime didn’t tr to stretch it any further. Looking forward to what’s next.

Akiba Strip (Episode 6) DROPPED.

Screenshot (1210).png

What happens in this episode: Tamotsu befriends an AI operating system and the anime tried to make a touching story- but the execution was garbage.

My thoughts: My patience for this show has reached the red bar- and I am done. I am not going to watch this show weekly anymore. I probably won’t review this either. This episode was so unremarkable that I was just skipping ahead throughout the episode. I don’t like the unenthusiastic and lazily written comedy this show has- I am not a fan of the trying-to-be-wacky pacing of the narrative either. Good bye Akiba Strip, you were fun the first couple of episodes.

Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid (Episode 5) Tooru visits Kobayashi’s office and Tooru and Kanna try to learn ESP when they already know magic

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What happens in this episode: Tooru tries to understand more about human beings in this episode. First, by looking into Kobayashi’s office life and she realizes that humans work together to make their lives better but stubbornly decides that dragons are still superior because they can destroy civilizations with a breath of flame. Tooru also ‘helps’ her in dealing with her hater in the office. In the second half, the show gets into some crazy comedy where Tooru and Kanna learn ESP through martial arts training.

My thoughts: The first half was really enjoyable- because the anime shifted its lens to an office area and it upheld the atmosphere pretty well. I was a bit disappointed by Kanna’s lack of presence but the second episode paid the due sufficiently. Then again, I didn’t really enjoy the comedy the show was going for in the second half- it felt a bit strained. Nevertheless, I am a fan of the thematic episodic nature this show is going for each episode. This show doesn’t try anything over its head- and so far, it is still the best SoL this season. If you are looking for a good iyashikei with some emotional heft from the characters- this is the show for you.

That’s all for today. The rest of the episodes’ mini-reviews will be posted on Sunday. Please excuse the lack of a review post this week- but one will be up next week.

Thank you for reading.