This is the second and the last post from the 5th week of Winter 2017. Well, this was supposed to be a Sunday Post- but things got delayed. The anime ‘covered’ in this post are: Scum’s Wish, Masamune-kun’s Revenge, Interviews with Monster Girls, Fuuka, March Comes in Like a Lion and Saga of Tanya the Evil.

Scum’s Wish (Episode 4) Akane is the scummiest and Hanabi and Ecchan get under the sheets


What happens in this episode: The obnoxious, sadistic character of Akane is fleshed out in full bloom and Big Bro recites a monologue about his feelings for Akane while remembering their first meeting. He confesses to Akane with Hanabi peeking into the classroom. Filled with… I don’t know, sadness- Hanabi runs towards Mugi’s apartment but she decides that she is being too emotionally reliant on him and Ecchan appears out of nowhere. Taking advantage of Hanabi’s vulnerable state- she leads her into a good length of (quality) girl-on-girl action. Hanabi confronts Akane in order to confirm her ‘bad feeling’- and unforutantely for her, Akane turns out to be a real (something that sound like beach).

My thoughts: I am glad that this anime is not pulling any punches when expressing Akane’s character- she had a really solid (and hate triggering) character reveal. I don’t know about the character moment with Big Bro, though, you sure this guy doesn’t have a messed up character trait other than him being wishy-washy about feeling emotions? Anyway, this was a pretty slow episode in a narrative sense but I am still intrigued: I have absolutely no idea where the show will go from here on.

Masamune-kun’s Revenge (Episode 5) The Neko Dilemma and Adagaki acting less and less like an Ojou-sama

Screenshot (1180).png

What happens in this episode: New student Neko mistakes Masamune for a man who donated her money and a coat three years ago. Adagaki and Masamune have quality time in the swimming pool and Neko confronts Adagaki because she got turned down by Masamune. It turns out that undergarments on Neko are as non-existent as the narrative in this anime.

My thoughts: I am liking this anime less and less by each episode. I still have no idea what else this show will be trying to do in the future episodes. Maybe I will eat my words if it suddenly good and doesn’t turn out to be major drag-out.

Saga of Tanya the Evil (Episode 5) Tanya has fun ‘training’ her soldiers

Screenshot (1187).png

What happens in this episode: In preparation for the war, Tanya is appointed to train her soldiers for battle in one month- providing her the perfect opportunity to relieve herself of her sadistic urges momentarily. She  hurled them through hunger and snow storms and turned them into masochists to her displeasure. Mage fighting follows.

My thoughts: I don’t have a concrete opinion on the episodic nature of this anime- I just didn’t expect the character writing to go stagnant this early and plot line to be slow at the same time. This show is getting more and more like a military guide demonstrating mage fighting and tactics- and I am not a fan of it. I also don’t like the way other characters are neglected.

Fuuka (Episode 6) Koyuki’s side of the story and Fuuka and Koyuki chat in the bath

Screenshot (1168).png

What happens in this episode: Koyuki’s feelings towards Yuu becomes somewhat consolidated through flashbacks and awkward teen drama ensues. Fuuka stumbles across her and joins her in a bathhouse: weirdly less awkward conversation ensues.

My thoughts: This was an okay episode (better than episode 4). I don’t have much to comment on this episode, because I am pretty indifferent to the development in this episode. The fan service wasn’t really necessary.

Descending Stories: Showa Genroku Rakugo Shinju (Episode 5) Yotaro prepares to perform ‘Inokori’ and Yakumo meets his Shinigami

Screenshot (1163).png

What happens in this episode: Yotaro and Yakumo get a chance to perform in front of a big crowd in the same program. The famous ‘Inokori’- a piece that supposedly brings out the style in rakugo performers- is chosen by Yotaro to perform in that program. Konatsu gets pretty tense about her accompaniment during the performance, too. Yakumo gets on stage to perform ‘Hangon-ko’ and the moment he acts out a summoning- he sees Miyokichi in midst of the incense cloud. From that point, I didn’t know whether he acted or not, but after he finishes his performance, he collapses and drifts away to a room full of candles (reference to ‘Shinigami’) and Sukeroku appears before him.

Screenshot (1166).png

My thoughts: Okay, I had a feeling something was about to happen when I saw the red eyes of Sukeroku near the  end of the opening- but it was subtle-ly put. This episode is easily the best from this season so a far. But this was well and subtle-ly built up throughout the episode- the soundtrack added to the poetic aesthetic of this episode. Even the performance was framed differently from his other performances, the first half of the episode just disappeared behind the smoke screen of the incense during this performance. I loved this episode- this is the beautiful and poetic narrative I signed up for.

Interviews with Monster Girls (Episode 5) Kusakabe finally makes friends

Screenshot (1183).png

What happens in this episode: It turns out that Kusakabe isn’t Elsa but rather one who expectedly breaks a cold sweat easily. She chats with Sensei and he helps her with her dilemma. Sherlock finally solves the mystery and tells her that she can now become friends with Hikari and Machi.

My thoughts: This was a pleasant episode, but the show got harem-y again in the last moments. I have to say Kusakabe is more endearing then the other characters in this anime- not saying that the others are bad characters. Since this show isn’t ecchi (yet), I am not dropping this show- it is still pleasant to watch.

Blue Exorcist- Kyoto Saga (Episode 4 + 5) Traitor is revealed and Tatsuma’s past

Screenshot (1191).png

What happens in these episodes: It turns out that Mamushi is the thief and happens to be manipulated by the guy from the first episode. Bon confronts his father and says teen things that teens say to their fathers- and this wells up regrets from Rin’s own experience. He gets emotional and catches fire and people see his flames- he gets put under custody. His brother visits him and reads out a letter from Tatsuma: in which he talks about his first meeting with Rin and Yukio’s father.

My thoughts: These episodes seemed to have more narrative thrust than the last episodes. we also get some action- but the story is still in its blooming stage. This arc-weirdly- seems to be not too dragged out, and I am liking the show so far.

March Comes in Like a Lion (Episode 16) Shimada wins and Rei gets a bit energetic in the workshop.

Screenshot (1176).png

What happens in this episode: Takashi takes Rei to the school lab for writing a report and a light-hearted comedy routine follows. Takashi points out to Rei that people have to rely  on other people in times of hopelessness and sadness and no one will rely on you when you aren’t honest. Rei comes to a realization that the Kawamoto sisters weren’t relying on him for anything. He decides to join Shimada’s workshop and shogi related debate ensues there.

My thoughts: This episode is another light-hearted one with that quality comedy and when I was watching this, I thought to myself that I will be missing this comedy style after six more weeks. I am glad that the show isn’t straining itself with sappiness and instead tried to dip its toes into humor between friends. It is really refreshing to see that Rei isn’t as silent when it comes to discussions about shogi tactics- this just proves that Rei’s character writing is more masterful and consolidated than any other protagonist from the batch of shows this season.

That’s all from the 5th week of Winter 2017. You can read commentary on the rest of the episodes from this week in Anilog #8