Fall 2016 has been quite a packed season for me. Most of the shows are ending this week, and today I am going to share my views on the shows that have completed so far. Here are the shows that are on the docket for this post:

  • Yuri!!! On Ice
  • Drifters
  • Haikyuu!! Season 3
  • Bungou Stray Dogs 2nd Season
  • Keijo!!!!!!!!
  • Izetta: The Last Witch
  • Natsume’s Book of Friends (Season 5)
  • The Great Passage (Fune wo Amu)

                                                              YURI!! ON ICE


I drained out almost all of my opinions in my review. So read that. Good show, not the best of the season. Awesome character writing and beautiful choreography of performances. Yeah, moving on…



Drifters has been an empty show for me. Sure, it is entertaining at points but the dialogue is so weightless, boring and repetitive and the characters are so shallow and one-dimensional- it becomes a chore for me to watch it. The art style is pretty interesting but it looks a bit over done for me. The opening is really good though, the gritty and monochromatic visuals match the song well.screenshot-817

It is pretty obvious that the show relied heavily on rule-of-cool and less on the plot. The episodes are entertaining at parts and flat boring at other parts. I am really not a fan of go-read-the-manga ending. Then again, the show technically doesn’t do anything obnoxious. I mean, the story had good base- historical characters in another world- but failed to structure a neat narrative. The second season has been announced and I will probably watch it. Final verdict: Pretty average (2.5/5).

                                                            HAIKYUU!! SEASON 3


I was skeptical about the pacing of the show in telling the story of a whole match but surprisingly, the show really does it well. The match doesn’t look spaced out; on the other hand, the match looks much more continuous and unbroken. than the matches from the other seasons (which is to be expected). So this season, I do not have the complaint that the match looks rushed and broken.

Like the previous seasons, this match maintains the hype with that awesome OST. The opening by Burnout Syndromes is good but too much overdone with the crow and eagle imagery. I mean, it tries to be symbolic without subtlety- which is not my favorite combination.Screenshot (821).png

That aside, the animation this season steps up a notch with stellar shots and camera angles.screenshot-822

The final spike (Uploaded by: Ashita in Sakugabooru) Director: Susumu Mitsunaka

Screenshot (489).png

The character development in this season was really well done and Tsukishima became one of the best character of the year.screenshot-819 Wakatoshi might seem to overpowered, but his character development really impressed me. The character interactions were interesting and dynamic. I am basically fanboying now. I don’t have much to complain. My favorite sports anime, I can’t wait for the next season to air. Rating- 4.5/5

                                                BUNGOU STRAY DOGS 2ND SEASON

Screenshot (721).png

The first season didn’t really sell me on the show with its interesting premise but stale and strained comedy. But I have to say, the second show really sold be on the show by simply playing to its strengths. The strained comedy is made so scarce that the comedic bits seem more welcome to the overarching serious tone of the show. I loved the flashback of Dazai and it added more depth to this mysterious character. New characters have interesting and diverse gifts and I commend on the specificity and originality that goes into writing and fights. Although, the last fight seemed kind of lackluster in terms of choreography and more about brawn (still not as bad as Izetta’s last fight, though), I liked the other ones. The show seemed more cooler and had more flair with interesting new character designs. The opening and endings were interesting like the last season. A really solid season. I am interested to find out what more is in store for the third season. Rating: 4/5.



Keijo (no I am not going to put 8 exclamation marks) was at the same time, a lot different from what I expected and not a lot different from what I expected. I expected that the fanservice would be pretty flat and blatant and it was, but it was not in any way erotic. Then again, I am not into ecchi anime ass I have not seen the popular ones (Highschool DXD and To Love Ru) so I am not sure whether they are meant to be erotic. This anime surprisingly takes itself seriously and thanks to that we get some awesome and lung-bursting ridiculous dialogue (copied from my review).  Here’s a shot:screenshot-669 I have written a review on Keijo (click here to read it, yeah the last paragraph was a snippet). So, you can get my expanded opinions there and a slide show compiling some of the most ridiculous dialogues in this show. I liked the way the show looked: with the vibrant colors, good animation and bright backgrounds. Also, the characters do look voluptuous but not on the disgusting level of Highschool of the Dead. It is also a good sports anime, too. I thoroughly enjoyed this show and its easily a 3.5/5.

                                                       IZETTA: THE LAST WITCH


Izetta had a good start but with the introduction of Sophie, the show completely fell apart and what was left was a painfully average anime. Looking back on it, the show had moments of unnecessary fan service and yuri-bait. I am surprised how I managed to go through this crap. The characters were decently written and the animators had a head start and fell asleep in the last episode’s fight with awkward CGI and dumb DBZ fight choreography. Throwing trains and tanks? Really? What is up with Izetta being alive in the dying moments of the show? Ball-less writers, that’s all. Now, I can’t even think about anything that was good in this show. 2/5.

                          NATSUME’S BOOK OF FRIENDS (SEASON 5)


This season was really pleasant to watch throughout these three months and I actually enjoyed this season from the last ones because of the emphasis on the development of the  supporting cast. In terms of music and animation, nothing changed and I loved it. Natsume was the nice iyashikei anime I watched every Wednesday after school. It soothed me like Amanchu and Flying Witch did to me. I love the characters.My favorite episode was episode 10, where we get to see from the viewpoint of Natsume’s guardians- a viewpoint we rarely get and the episode was so beautifully done with beautiful character chemistry between Touko and Shigeru. The opening is pleasant to watch and Aimer’s powerful voice in the ending still resonates with me. Anyways, I am glad that season six has been announced. I hope that Reiko finally gets some character developing screen time.

                                            THE GREAT PASSAGE (FUNE WO AMU)


An anime about making a dictionary? Well, sounds pretty mundane but a decent premise for a movie. The fact that this show is eleven episodes makes this show perfect for a film adaptation. Anyways, the anime isn’t bad and rarely does anything wrong. I liked the characters but nothing to write home about.  The show does not make the process painfully boring. It is a pleasant watch. Rating: 3/5.

That’s all for part 1. Happy Holidays!screenshot-828