After the first season, which was story wise average, premise good enough and decent animation, I wondered what the second season had in store for me to what was a clean cut narrative. I had no expectations because I did not know what to expect.

And what it brought was exemplary of a short sci-fi  show. A very tightly knit and natural narrative without wasting time on exposition.

We are taken to Birdy’s world again, Tsutomu and Birdy still are in the same body and new cast of villains appear and so does Birdy’s long-lost childhood friend…

PLOT & NARRATIVE: Birdy shows us that a good sci-fi doesn’t need a complex and convoluted plot. Then again, I am kind of confused whether this show is a sci-fi (wow, I am contradicting myself in the next sentence) in the first place, since the writing focuses on conveying drama and emotions, especially between Birdy and Nataru. Nevertheless, the sci-fi elements more than often interact with the characters and prominent throughout,so I guess justice is done when calling this show a sci-fi. I really liked the fact how the second season connects with the events of the first season. I am carefully treading around the spoiler zones so I guess I have to cut this section short.

CHARACTERS: I felt that the first season lacked focus on Birdy, but the second season was all about Birdy and her past. I finally knew why Birdy’s called the ‘Berserker Killer’. The character writing in this season was much better than that of the first season. Instead of a cookie-cutter villain like Shyamalan, we get a cast of interesting characters in the ‘opposing’ side with interesting chemistry between them and some (the twins) even had personalities conflicting with their purposes. The character development of Birdy was moving and the chemistry between her and Nataru was decently done except a minor slip in character from one of the characters (I guess).


Speaking of chemistry, Tsutomu’s interaction with Birdy was taken to a new level camaraderie after Tsutomu saved Birdy from her ‘coma’ by reliving her past, now that was an impressive narrative of a flashback.

screenshot-576 I also liked the way the supporting cast added to the narrative this season in the final episode.

ART & ANIMATION: The art improved from the first season, and the still shots had good detail without any awkward still frames. There were almost no slips in quality in this department. The animation was leaps ahead of that of the first season. The fights were choreographed and shot masterfully. The final fight was one of the best fights I have ever seen in anime in terms of animation. May I also mention that CGI didn’t look awkward in this show at all?screenshot-557

SOUND: Birdy’s theme is one of my favorite OST, it sounds epic and adds to the drama. The opening also does the same thing. I don’t know about the ending song though…

CONCLUSION: The second season of Birdy has a solid story with a good ending. The characters of this show were nicely fleshed out accompanied by impressive animation style.Screenshot (722).png

This brings an end to this short review. I hope you give this a watch and if you have, fell free to share your thoughts in the comments.