It’s time to put out a criticism instead of a review, so- spoiler alert! But if you are okay with spoilers of inconsequential harems like me, please read on.Screenshot (165).png

Episodes: 12
Aired: Oct 7, 2011 to Dec 23, 2011
Studios: AIC Build
Source: Light novel
Genres: Comedy, Ecchi, Harem, Romance, School, Seinen, Slice of Life

Ah harems! Honestly, I don’t have much of a constructive opinion on them because I haven’t watched a lot of harem anime; and this is not because, “Oh! Harems are stupid.”- No, I don’t hate all dumb anime. Rather, it’s the repetitiveness of their themes and characters. Frankly, almost all the harems have that annoyingly oblivious protagonist, that tsundere beeatch, that girl with the milk tank, that beach episode (or pool episode) and… argh! The loli. I really don’t like the concept of lolis, and I probably will talk about that in a later post. And yeah, Haganai has all of the above with some forced character development for which no hints had been presented throughout the length of the first 22 episodes. But at the end, Ka-boom! And they expected the viewers to be like, “Whoa! That’s a deep show.” Seriously?

I know I am at the age were I should find harems to cool, but I do find some harems to be cool; like Bakemonogatari and Nisekoi- where the protagonist actually think about stuff around him! Tsunderes…uh… moving on! Sena’s balloons are uncomfortably exaggerated in the first season and I was happy to see them kept in check in the second season- which probably made her the best girl of that anime.

What Rodro! You have a best girl in the anime you hate? Yeah, I am allowed to, I don’t find Haganai to be absolute garbage like Hundred (yep, I need to call out that show) but it’s not good either. Back to Sena, her personality smells like a tsundere too, so basically it’s just her looks and the fact that she had the balls to casually confess to Hasegawa first makes her the best girl of the show.Screenshot (163).png

Speaking of best girl, Rika’s spontaneous and immense character development in the second season could have made her the best girl to many viewers, but not me. Why? She is disconnected with the show in terms of character chemistry. When you think about the characters, you notice that no one is as expressive as her, and that to me is strange because it isn’t reacted to with much energy…basically what I am saying it’s not a Ichijou-Marika relationship here. On a positive side, Rika is the funniest character with her quirky robo-sex perversion. That’s all I got for the friend. Yozora, the tsundere childhood friend… oh wait, Sena was a childhood friend too! Yozora is the first girl in the harem but her character progression throughout the series is weak and very boring. She is boring, period. I have got nothing to say about the chuuni loli, the nun loli and the trap- they are annoying and a bunch of otaku panderers.

Hasegawa… oh he knew that the girls had feelings for him but he acted oblivious to make friends. I believe that completely, because there were subtle gestures in the episodes previou- no. Sorry for that sarcastic sidetracking, but I didn’t see any foreshadowing to this unique trait that I wanted to see in harems: the fact that the protagonist is aware that the girls he hangs out with have feelings for him but he chooses to pretend to be oblivious. Also, the writer has made a valid point for the protagonist doing so. But I can’t deny the fact that this is an ass pull. I think the director could have placed some expressions on Hasegawa’s face in between conversations. But hey! This IS a harem, right? Ass pulls are as commonplace as boob jiggling in these anime, right?

The art is pretty good but the lines were not as refined in the first season- the second season’s art and lighting really is top-tier, and I think the character designs are decent. I really like Sena’s character design (the blue butterfly on the golden hair). The animation is good, especially in the fanservicy moments. Not saying that the fanservice is bad, its better than a lot of shows.


Let me talk about the premise: making friends- which is not addressed at all for a length of 20 episodes! Otome games, fanservice and fighting with each other are first priorities in the club, apparently. I really hoped that the concept of a loner making friends would be addressed to without a harem, but I don’t research much before watching a show. The comedy is good and it doesn’t try too hard. But at the end, harems are harems: the girls are the focus instead of friendship. I really find it ironical that enemies’ fights (Sena vs. Yozora) are more highlighted than friendship between the club members (Kodaka and the club members, yeah that’s definitely between the club members). God, such a good premise gone to waste! Perhaps, the saving grace was this fact that was ‘pulled’ out in the last episode: he ran away because friendship and stability of the club comes before romance. The only genuine character development was with Rika, I mentioned it earlier so I won’t delve into it.Screenshot (166).png

You know what? Maybe I am being really harsh on this anime.I wouldn’t really because slice-of-life anime that try to be dramatic fail like Haganai. But what really sparked this hate bomb is the abrupt ending, Kodaka was going to give a reply to Sena’s confession but a text from Yozora interrupts them and the anime ends:

Screenshot (164).png

Go read the light novels! Nothing was resolved, what? Thank you for reading through this badly structured criticism.