Concrete Revolutio isn’t an anime where you can just sit down, fix your eyeballs on the screen and expect to understand everything. This show can be really hard to understand at times. Either that or I am just really dumb. But at the end of the show, I realized just how faithful it stayed to its themes about super humans and politics. This is one of those shows where attaching a genre to it becomes very difficult, not because it is  cluster of many.


Story & Characters: The world building of Concrete Revolutio is not really meticulous. In fact, no such thing is done in the first episode which left me quite confused. The episodes that followed weren’t as difficult to follow because they were episodic and everything made sense near the end of the episode. I find this quite interesting because this show isn’t of the mystery genre. According to MAL, it is of the action and  super power genre: but for me action is not really prevalent and the main focus of this show is not that; and super power is a theme here. This anime is about “Justice, Freedom and Peace” it tells a story or more like stories to paint a big picture of the world episode by episode. It reveals the politics and diplomacy between super humans (humans with super powers) and the government. The first season shows us how humans begin to lose their trust on super humans. The pacing of the story is pretty confusing to state but the continuous change of time periods can be off-putting at times; but once I was through the first five episodes, I could get the gist of all that happened at the end of each episode. The characters of this show were kind of shallow but unique. However, the way the story is told suggests that the characters are deep, and I totally see why some people would think that the characters have deep personalities. But just think they are quite superficial in the first season. However, in the second season: the characters gain some depth and just enough to make me appreciate the series for good writing.

Art & Animation: The art style sort of resembles American cartoon but with anime eyes. The colors really pops and they brighten up the show. The art looks great in still frames, not saying that it looks horrible in animation. Speaking of animation, the whole anime was done in traditional 2D, not saying that I find 3DCGI despicable- but 3D animation doesn’concre 2t suit this anime. Frankly, I really like the way the show looks- it looks refreshing.

Sound: I don’t have much to say about the soundtrack except it being quite repetitive, but I don’t mind that since it really carries the show for me. The openings and endings are rock songs and quite average, the opening and ending sequences are fine but not outstanding. Nothing much to say about the voice acting.

Overall, this show is quite vague and I recommend you to watch it only if you are in the mood to watch super power shows. The plot of this anime seems obscure but the narrative is pretty interesting. Thanks for reading this review.