I couldn’t watch much anime in the first two months of the season because I had my O Levels so from the first week of June I started with Re:Zero and Kabaneri. After that, I went on a binge and watched a whole bunch of shows. Frankly, there were a lot of okay shows this season so I enjoyed watching most of them. Here’s the list, I only included shows where Iam up-to-date and/or finished airing:

  1. Koutetsujou no Kabaneri
  2. Boku no Hero Academia
  3. Re:Zero Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu
  4. Kiznaiver
  5. Bungou Stray Dogs
  6. Sakamoto desu ga?
  7. Netoge no Yome wa Onnanoko ja Nai to Omotta?
  8. Mayoiga
  9. Joker Game
  10. Flying Witch
  11. Tanaka-kun wa Itsumo Kedaruge
  12. Kuma Miko
  13. Uchuu Patrol Luluco
  14. Super Lovers
  15. Anne Happy
  16. Shounen Maid
  17. Concrete Revolutio: Choujin Gensou- The Last Song

The only show that I dropped after going through 6 episodes was Hundred: this show was boring and the fanservice was too ‘in the face’. I did not even bother watching Big Order and Endride (yeah, I check out MAL reviews before watching a show, judge me all you want).

I put three shows on hold: Kuromukuro, Haifuri and Sousei Onmyouji I watched 2 episodes from each of the three.

  1. Koutetsujou no Kabaneri: This show’s art is stunning and the way it blended CG and traditional, especially for the trains was impressive. I am not an expert on animation but I really liked this show’s action sequences. The art style is really amazing, it’s really colourful and the shading was done really well. The shading of the skin and hair for girls was really glossy and beautiful. Enough about the art, story-wise: this show is pretty dumb and I don’t know why people hated on it just because. I did not expect any complex story from this anime, I appreciated its action and its art, and I really enjoyed watching this show. I am going to give this show a 8/10, because it really doesn’t do anything wrong except it kinda rushed the ending and but I didn’t care for the story which is about zombies (Kabane). This anime has the best ending of the season: “Ninelie” by Aimer (EGOIST)
  2. Boku no Hero Academia: This anime’s art intrigued me because it looks like an American cartoon and basically, its art resembles comic books and why not? This show is about superheroes. The pacing of this show seemed slow at times and the info dumps were off-putting. The art is refreshing and the premise is interesting. I am not good at synopses so go on MAL for the synopsis (Never really bothered with synopses). I like the characters and this is a pretty solid shounen and I am looking forward to season 2. I give this how a 7/10 I wanted to give an 8 but I did not like the way exposition was done it wasted time, but hey, that’s just me.
  3. Re:Zero: This is the most popular show of the season according to MAL and the ratings for it is unreasonably high: I mean it hasn’t even finished airing yet! This show is about a boy who has the ability to be immortal, he dies and then he restarts his life from a certain point in time, and he gets this ability when he is thrown in fantasy world (go to MAL for a better synopsis, I don’t have to tell you everytime). So far, its good and I enjoy watching this show week-to-week but because of that I have issues with the pacing, the last arc spanned 10 episodes and I found them unnecessary. I really liked the first episode and I think it’s the best first episode of the season, the animation was top-tier. The characters seem… I don’t know. Subaru is a dumb ad annoying character and his incessant use of meta-jokes at the beginning wasn’t really funny. The voice acting were good. I laughed the first 5 times but then on, they were annoying. I like this show but so far, this show is getting a 7 from me.
  4. Kiznaiver: This is the anime of the season for me because this show is well done. We don’t get shows like this every season so yeah, it was refreshing. The art style with the bold borderlines and sharp features were nice. The animation was just right and it helped the art style. The story of this anime is nicely told and brought to a closure in the best way possible. I like character dramas and this anime did not fall short of top-tier. Easily a 8/10 from me. I am inclined to give a 9 but I wanted to know more about the other characters like Tenga and the masochist, and also about the experiment. This anime has the best opening of the season, check it out if you haven’t: it is “Lay you hands on me” by Boom Boom Satellites.
  5. Bungou Stray Dogs: I don’t have much to say about this show except that I will be watching the second season. This anime is pretty decent and I like the character designs and the fact that the character’s name are namesakes of famous writers and poets. The animation is pretty decent but the comedy was too strained. 7/10. The ending is a close second to Kabaneri’s.
  6. Sakamoto desu ga is a good story with a good main character. The final episode was kind of weird but it fits with the show. Good comedy but some of the jokes get repeated but I don’t mind it. The opening is second best. A 7/10.
  7. Netoge: Pretty average anime with decent art. Nice time-killer and toned down fanservice that’s easy on the eyes and not uncomfortable to watch. At least, it’s not in the face like Hundred (eff that show). Pretty average: 6/10.
  8. Mayoiga: Oh Mayoiga! What should I say about you? This anime is retarded and dumb and doesn’t make sense. But that horrendous CG man, and those annoying characters! I liked the first 9 episodes because it was all mysterious and characters’ pasts were revealed and the shot transitions and directing were of a horror anime. But it was pretty bad at the end, it just didn’t make any sense. I still watched it week to week because it was interesting and part of me hoped for a blood bath like Another (same director). The show would be much better if it turned out to be horror anime. A 5/10.
  9. Joker Game: This was nothing like I expected but at the same time, I liked the fact that it was episodic. At the end, nothing really happens and I really didn’t get to know any of the characters from the D-Agency. Frankly, they all looked the same. Good art and animation, solid individual episodes. A 7/10.
  10. Flying Witch: A chilled slice of life anime with a catchy opening. Very good art, and the shading was nicely toned with the atmosphere of the show. Not something you would marathon, like I did, and it felt really boring when binge watching and it ruined my impression in the show. Good soundtrack. A solid 7/10.
  11. Tanaka-kun: The best slice of life of the season. Why? Because  Tanaka is a very relatable character. Tanaka is a lazy guy and the anime draws some of his days. The art is really bright and it fits the show. Good comedy. 8/10.
  12. Kuma Miko:pretty average slice of life with an okay art style and animation with good comedy that doesn’t try too hard. There are some uncomfortabe issues highlighted in this show: pedophilia and bestiality. A 5/10.
  13. Uchuu Patrol Luluco: Decent anime short. Nicely animated and good comedy. It references almost every Trigger show. Nothing much to say. A 7/10.
  14. Super Lovers: Never watched a yaoi or shounen-ai. This show told to me to stay away from the genre. Felt uncomfottable to watch, nothing really happens, poor drama points and forgettable characters. I am not a homophobe but watching two guys hooking up isn’t enjoyable to watch at all. I didn’t drop this show because of the nice art, good soundtrack and short duration. a 5/10.
  15. Anne Happy: Just your average moe anime. Watercolour art which is very refreshing to watch, bright atmosphere and unique premise which doesn’t really make a lot of sense. Gets boring if you marathon it. A 6/10.
  16. Shounen Maid: An okay slice-of-life with interesting premise, decent comedy, not much drama and quite down to earth unlike its opening. Worst opening, not the song (its not half bad) but the animation sequences. Simple story, average ending to any slice of life. A 6/10.
  17. Concrete Revolutio (S2):I really like the way it ended, made more sense and more easy to follow than the first season. Easily an 8/10- third best anime of the season.

That’s all. I am looking forward to the summer season.

PS: This is not the first post of the blog. This is the second one. The first one was published about a month ago and it was an introduction post. I removed it because I wasn’t satisfied with whatever I wrote there. I will post a proper “about me” soon.

PPS (As of July 2018): LOL “soon”.